Our Roots

Our story begins in 2006 with the challenge of creating an SMS product for the automobile dealership industry. Slow to propagate in the United States, text messaging began to rapidly supplement information phone calls. Email continued to be troubled by spam concerns. The proposition was simple and we began by asking, "Wouldn't it be easier to find out if my car is ready to be picked up if I just got a text message?" CRM Text built the first automobile dealership related text communication product. As we began to grow we recognized that our patented method of routing text messages was ubiquitous to any CRM. Eventually our automotive products were passed on to be exclusively sold by Dominion Dealer services and we switched our core focus to our Rest API.

What Makes Us Great

Today, our core focus is supporting our Rest API Clients and mom and pops using our interface for SMS campaigns. We pride ourselves in helping everyone get out their message. Our stable of Clients runs the gamut of very simple use cases to extremely complicated ones. Whatever your needs, call us. We've just about heard it all. One of our team members can easily set you up to test our API and than walk through what you want to do and how to achieve it on our system......while remaining compliant. Support is always free. Our mission is to provide the most forward looking text messaging technology and best customer service in order to meet our Client's SMS needs. We look forward to working with you.