SMS Compliance Built-in

US Based SMS is highly regulated and it's up to the sender to make sure their SMS campaigns are compliant with the rules established by the CTIA, Mobile Marketing Association and carriers. You cannot text messages to mobile subscribers who have not opted-in to receive them from you or that did not request a message from you by sending a keyword from their handset. And you must provide mobile subscribers an easy way to opt-out and get help. The CRM Text Platform has built in compliance, thereby taking those concerns away.

We Make It Easy!

The CRM Text platform automates opt-in/out management. If a mobile subscriber completes a webform or sends a valid opt-in keyword to one of our marketing short codes the CRM Text SMS API will automate the delivery of a compliant opt-in request text message to them. Only after handset confirmation of the opt-in is an opt-in confirmation sent and the subscriber listed as properly opted-in to that ‘store’ for future communications. If a user sends a STOP reply to an assigned short code they are opted-in to the CRM Text SMS API will automated the delivery of a compliant opt-out confirmation message. If you attempt to send a message to a subscriber whose status is not opted-in, we'll simply block the message and tell you why. Feel comfortable scaling SMS into your process and we'll handle the compliance for you!