Short Code Advantages

If your SMS volume exceeds 250 messages per day than a common short code is the best solution to meet your needs. Developers sending messages on SMS long codes often see their long codes disabled and campaigns terminated without notification from the carriers. The alternative to long codes are common Short Codes which the carriers require for high volume Application-to-Person SMS messaging. However, the costs associated with converting to a dedicated common short code run several thousand dollars and an ongoing monthly cost of $1,000 plus it’s a minimum three month wait to get your code active.

CRM Text takes the complication out of short codes by allowing developers and small businesses to access our short code stack for a very small fraction of the costs associated with hosting your own dedicated short code. Additionally, the CRM Text platform comes with compliance baked in so you can’t accidently text message a subscriber than is not properly opted-in. Our stack of short codes are available for use with US mobile numbers only.

Why CRM Text?

The answer is pretty simple - we have lots of competition in the shared short code space but they all use one short code for all clients which greatly restricts the types of messaging you can perform and makes two-way messaging highly unreliable. If you read their API Documentation you might find two or three API calls: The ability to send SMS; send MMS; and minimal reporting. Compare their documentation to ours – we have compliance is built-in, you can manage multiple stores and guarantee two-way SMS for each, we have detailed error codes and message delivery confirmations and we don’t charge an arm and leg for keywords. We take the guesswork out of SMS and provide the reliability of a dedicated short code for each store. It's why developers like CRM software companies choose the CRM Text SMS API to power their text messaging backend and why Twilio, the largest cloud communications provider in the US, selected CRM Text Solutions as their exclusive shared short code partner.


Long code powered SMS gives you a max throttle rate of 1 message per second. The CRM Text platform comes with 30 messages per second for quicker delivery.

Delivery Guarantees

Mobile carriers who support short codes guarantee SMS delivery and provide error codes for failed messages so you have piece of mind that your text made it.

1600 Character Limits

Most of our supported carriers now support 1600 character messaging if you require it. We still advise 160 characters or less per text message.

Built for CRM Vendors

Perfect for CRM Vendors to build opt-in SMS containers for each CRM Client. Manage opt-in lists and seamlessly manage your SMS message routing.