The Store Concept for CRM

The CRM Text SMS API is built on what we call the "Store Concept." The challenge with SMS routing with shared short codes is determining where to properly route messages. Our SMS API allows you to quickly and dynamically create a store for each one of your separate Clients. The store is essentially an opt-in container for which we can properly store and route 2-way messages. Our stack of short codes guarantees proper message routing.

We achieve this by using one primary marketing short code for keyword opt-ins. From there, a mobile number is bound to one of our communication short codes based on our patented method. That bind will remain in place for the life of the opt-in and guarantees that when a mobile subscriber sends a text message back it will be routed to the proper store based on the short code the mobile phone number was assigned to. Sharing and routing short codes this way keep costs low and is also why many developers and software providers choose the CRM Text SMS API as their text messaging platform.

Our Patent

Our store concept and method allocating short codes and routing SMS messages is protected by our patent The CRM Text SMS API is constructed entirely around this unique method for managing and routing SMS messages through the sharing of short codes. This guarantees that your messages will be sent and received to the right place without depending on keywords or timing algorithms for routing. Click the Apply button above and tell us about yourself and your project to get started. We're happy to help!