CRM Text Rest API Documentation Ver. 5.0.2

Update Notes

    Update: 5/20/2015

  • Method SendSMSmsg: Ability to send MMS with or without an opt-in SMS request is now available. This feature will remain unpublished for now and you may contact CRM Text Support for details. Understand that the request MMS must be approved before enabling opt-in MMS.

  • Update: 2/23/2015

  • Method SendSMSmsg: Removed required parameter in the Message field. A text message is no longer required to send an MMS. You can now send a picture only with the MMS parameter.
  • Method SendSMSmsg: File Max for MMS messages has been increased from 450kb to 4.5 MB. Images sent are automatically reduced for SMS transaction.
  • Method SendSMSmsg: Ability to handle 30 concurrent requests to expand bandwidth to as high as 30mps.