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SMS Is The Top ‘App’ on Smartphones

There are basically two ‘apps’ that come with every phone sold – phone calls and text messaging. Smartphones now account for two-thirds (and climbing) of all mobile devices in the United States. While the common wisdom assumes applications will dominate smartphone communications the reality is text messaging is by far the most popular activity on smartphones with over 97% of smartphone users text messaging regularly. In fact daily text messaging usage (77%) is nearly triple the daily use of branded applications (only 26%).Frequency-of-smartphone-activity-jul11

Welcome to new CRM Text Website

We know, we know – it was about time. After nearly four years we finally have a new website that we hope better communicates the mission of CRM Text and how we can help you capitalize on the power of two-way text messaging. We are continuing to bring more content online but until then please let us know if you have any comments or suggestions. Thanks.